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SALZ Automation offers customized solutions for large and small automation projects, supported by extensive expertise in industrial and building automation, deep know-how embedded development, and a wide range of industrial automation products. Depending on customer requirements, we design, program, and implement automation systems, from small to complex systems.  

You determine the scope of the project. 

tailored Industrial automation solutions

  • Application Design 

    Crafting scalable and efficient automation plans aligned with your goals.

  • Programming

    Developing secure, reliable software with robust coding practices.

  • Implemetation

    Seamlessly integrating automation systems into your infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Solution Approach
Skilled Development and Application Team of SALZ Automation

Our Solution Approach

Each company is unique. Generic solutions are inadequate for ensuring your company's ongoing success in today's tough marketplace. We deliver custom-built solutions, tailored to your company, your industry, and unique challenges. 

To ensure that you can derive the maximum benefit from your production process and remain competitive, we are at your side as a solution provider for the development and implementation of your automation project. Our streamlined internal processes enable us to deliver solutions quickly and reliably. We communicate transparently and act flexibly on the market.  

SALZ Automation brings customers into the next generation of technology by offering them cutting edge technology. 

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Our Success Stories

We’ve successfully implemented industrial and building automation solutions at trusted customers. We loved working with these companies and helping them get the most out of their automation business. 

Drone Use Case
Product Portfolio
Wide Product Portfolio of SALZ Automation for Industrial Applications

Our Product Portfolio
for your Solutions

Our product portfolio includes hardware and software for the automation system, including industrial controllers, I/O modules based on EtherCAT architecture, industrial switches, power supplies, safety modules, as well as industrial panel PCs.

The products are used worldwide in a broad range of applications in mechanical and plant engineering.

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