We are your partner in future-proof industrial automation – from virtualization to functional safety solutions.

The founders of SALZ Automation have over 40 years of combined experience in automation technology and share the vision of a revolutionary flexible, safe and secured automation system. So that, what the world will need tomorrow can be created today: real progress and sustainable investment security.


  • Pursuing flexible solutions with high investment security

  • Achieving more through cooperation based on partnership

  • We are working according to German quality standards

The SALZ Automation System


Join forces to break new ground in automation

By cooperating with strategic partners who share our values and principles, we at SALZ Automation are pursuing a clear goal: to create the world's most open and flexible automation system that not only allows change, but actively supports it - for the future-oriented improvement of a wide range of applications in mechanical and plant engineering.

With our industrial high-performance control, an EtherCAT I/O system and unique open technologies, we are well equipped for future challenges.




Our components for control cabinet construction


  • Seamless integration of multi-runtime systems with massive message transfer with a delay of less as 5 µs.
  • Execution of many applications side by side on one device with user-controlled rights.
  • Deterministic and non-deterministic data exchange between differnet applications using the Data Exchange Layer (DEL) technology.
  • Safety logic (SIL3/PL e) can be created and executed in addition to the normal control logic to eliminate the need of additional safety hardware.
  • Marketplace connection (FLECS) to use multiple solutions to make a better system.
  • Easy access to deterministic and non-deterministic storage for simple and monitored data exchange between applications.
  • Easy and fast loading and residue-free removal of applications for fast system customization
  • Allows the controller to be used in a cluster for more computational and storage power.

“By working together in partnerships with businesses, we strive to accelerate industrial intelligence."

Thomas Hüttemeier, CEO AND Thomas Holm, CTO OF SALZ Automation


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