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 Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Flexibility and adaptability are key features of modern automation systems. Because adaptation to new markets, value chains and technologies are becoming more and more a success factor, an automation system must support this. Industrial PCs are the right platform for the realization, because they adapt different frameworks and technologies more easily

Automation solutions from SALZ Automation consist of a family of hardware and software to realize the requirements of felxibility and adaptability. This consists of top-of-the-line industrial PCs with high packing density. Thus they have high performance in the smallest installation space. All controllers are passively cooled and have a high-performance EtherCAT I/O backplane bus. Felxibility is ensured in particular by the integrated SALZ Data Exchange Layer (DEL). It enables a high-performance data exchange between various software applications.

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Linux OS

SALZ Automation firmware including Data Exchange Layer on Linux OS


Always EtherCAT real-time I/O backplane bus included

PCIe extension

Optional PCI-express extension modules to be connected on left-hand side

Safety  Modules

Slim Design

Full feature set safety modules on 22.5 mm

Pluggable Connectors

For quick replacement in the event of a fault


Approved up to a safety level of SIL3 and PLe

TÜV-Certified Functional 
Safety Modules

Functional Safety not only makes automation solutions more reliable, it also increases the availability of machines. This is because the safety modules enable a safe response to critical situations in a production process without having to stop the machines completely.

With our full-featured safety relays manufactured in Germany, you can implement conventional safety-related applications such as the monitoring of emergency stop circuits. 

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Ethernet Switches

Ethernet Switches

Industrial Ethernet is the most important communication standard in industrial automation. It uses a transparent, universal TCP/IP protocol. Industrial Ethernet switches form the basis for high-performance communication networks by distributing data across all levels in a targeted and reliable manner.

Our Industrial Ethernet Switches come in a metal housing for use in harsh industrial environments. In addition to robustness and reliability, we have placed great emphasis on the high-quality design of our products. Choose between fully managed, lite managed and unmanaged switches depending on the features you need. Our wide variety of switches have an integrated QoS (Quality of Service) for operation in PROFINET applications, GOOSE and EthernetIP in accordance with automation protocols of PROFINET conformation classes A/B/C.

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Redundant Power Supply

Increase availibility with connecting two power supplies

Extreme Temperature

Designed to survive temperatures of -40 °C to +75 ° C

Alarm Function

Alarm contact for signaling an error condition

Robust Design

Full metal housing for use in harsh environments

Power Supply

Remote ON/OFF

Remotely turn on/off the power to reduce standby power

Robust Design

Full metal housing designed for rough environments

Single Phase Input

Wide-range single phase input for AC and DC voltages

Power Supply

Power supplies are among the essential components in the automation landscape. They may need to change the voltage up or down, convert the power to DC, or regulate the power for a smoother output voltage.

These functions will help you choose which power supply you need for your needs. Our three product families differ in performance, functionality and design. The power supplies are optimally adapted to the requirements of various industries, such as mechanical and plant engineering, building automation, shipbuilding or process technology.

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Industrial Relays

Industrial Relays

Industrial relays are essential components in a wide range of industrial applications, playing a crucial role in controlling electrical circuits and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of various machinery and processes. These devices are designed to switch electrical loads on and off, making them versatile tools in automation, manufacturing, and other industrial settings.

Our set of industrial relays offers a comprehensive range of features designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications. With a compact size from just 6 mm and the capability to handle high currents, they efficiently utilize space while providing robust performance. Choose between a wide variety of Series GS, CS, CP and SR depending on the features you need. These relays adhere to international standards, including CE and RoHS compliance, with some models holding UL and TUV certifications.

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