Edge Devices

Edge Devices from SALZ Automation bring the IT/OT convergence to the device level. These devices bring computation closer to data sources, reducing latency and enhancing real-time processing. They also offload central processing, preserves data fidelity, improves local responsiveness, and enhance security. By managing communication protocols and security at the edge, they ensure seamless and secure interaction between various IoT devices and networks. Edge devices are capable of running analytics and machine learning models locally, providing faster insights and reducing dependency on cloud-based processing.

SALZ Automation has a series of Edge Controllers and Edge Gateways that are equiped with the latest technology in the market. Explore them below:

Edge gateways are essential intermediaries between IoT devices and the edge or cloud, addressing challenges such as data processing, latency, security, and protocol translation. By handling local data processing, they reduce the need to send all data to the cloud, thus minimizing latency and enhancing security by managing device communication.

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