SALZ Automation at DenkBar Detmold by ThinkTank OWL

We are thrilled to share that our CEO, Thomas Hüttemeier, was able to take the stage as a keynote speaker at the DenkBar Detmold event to share our exciting journey from idea to innovation. During the event on 30. August 2030, industry professionals were able to get inspired, exchange ideas in workshops and network.

At SALZ Automation GmbH, we believe in the power of creativity, collaboration, and determination. In his keynote, Thomas Hüttemeier shed light on how companies can cultivate creativity, forge invaluable partnerships and secure the necessary backing to successfully drive their own business forward.
If you would also like to exchange ideas with Thomas Hüttemeier on topics such as corporate leadership, innovation and partnership, he is happy to connect with you on LinkedIn.