Power Supply

Remote ON/OFF

Remotely turn on/off the power to reduce standby power

Robust Design

Full metal housing designed for rough environments

Single Phase Input

Wide-range single phase input for AC and DC voltages

Power Supply

Power supplies are among the essential components in the automation landscape. They may need to change the voltage up or down, convert the power to DC, or regulate the power for a smoother output voltage.

These functions will help you choose which power supply you need for your needs. Our three product families differ in performance, functionality and design. The power supplies are optimally adapted to the requirements of various industries, such as mechanical and plant engineering, building automation, shipbuilding or process technology.

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Eco Series, Advanvced Series and Diode Modules

Our two power supply product series Eco and Advanced differ in performance, functionality and design. Depending on the required range of functions, you can choose between Eco and Advanced modules, or combine the two series. Additionally, we offer diode modules for a complete power supply solution.

An application example: for failure-critical applications, it is sufficient to supplement the Advanced power supply with an Eco power supply. Why? If the Advanced power supply fails, the Eco power supply ensures that your application continues to be supplied with power. In addition, we recommend using a diode module so that no residual currents can flow and both power supplies function reliably in parallel operation.

Below you will find an overview of the different modules and their features. Choose the right combination for your needs.

Your advantages:

  • High-quality products designed in Germany
  • Lifetime compared to other power supplies more than ten times longer
  • Compact full metal housings for maximum robustness
  • Wide temperature range for continuous operation in industrial environment

Eco Series

Power Supply

The Power supplies of our Eco Series fulfill the basic function of a power supply by converting electric current from a source to the correct voltage, current, and frequency to power the load.

Basic features:

  • Efficiency up to 94%
  • Extremely long lifetime
  • Single phase input 230V AC
  • 12 V or 48 V DC output
ECO Series

Advanced Series

Power Supply

As the name suggests, the modules of the Advanced Series offer additional functions. You can combine the Eco Power Supply with an Advanced module, to ensure the power supply in the event of a defect.

Advanced features:

  • Efficiency up to 94%
  • Maximum peak power up to 150 %
  • Relay contact sends an alarm in case of failure or a fault
  • Remote On/Off function saves energy
  • Parallel operation possible to increase performance
  • Series operation possible to boost output voltage
Advanced Series

Diode Modules

Power Supply

The diode module decouples so that no fault currents flow and the Eco and Advanced power supplies can operate reliably in parallel. A LED labeled Balance OK signals whether the input voltage balance is OK or not.


  • Redandancy module up to 40 A
  • Ultra slim dimensions
  • DC OK output and LED
  • Balance OK LED
  • Works with Advanced series and Eco series modules
Diode Modules

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