Ethernet Switches

Redundant Power Supply

Increase availibility by connecting two power supplies

Extreme Temperature

Designed to survive temperatures of -40 °C to +75 ° C

Alarm Function

Alarm contact for signaling a fault

Robust Design

Metal housing for use in harsh environments

Ethernet Switches

Industrial Ethernet is the most important communication standard in industrial automation. It uses a transparent, universal TCP/IP protocol. Industrial Ethernet switches form the basis for high-performance communication networks by distributing data across all levels in a targeted and reliable manner.

Our Industrial Ethernet Switches come in a metal housing for use in harsh industrial environments. In addition to robustness and reliability, we have placed great emphasis on the high-quality design of our products. Choose between fully managed, lite managed and unmanaged switches depending on the features you need. Our wide variety of switches have an integrated QoS (Quality of Service) for operation in PROFINET applications, GOOSE and EthernetIP in accordance with automation protocols of PROFINET Conformation Classes A/B/C.

Below you will find an overview of the differences of our unmanaged switches, lite managed switches and managed switches. Choose the right industrial switch for your application.

Your advantages:

  • High-quality products designed in Germany
  • Compact full metal housings with high port density
  • Variable number of ports with Fast Ethernet and Gigabit for large networks with high data throughput
  • Power-over-Ethernet switches for use of cameras and other PoE end devices
  • Support for various IT standards and automation protocols such as PROFINET
  • High noise immunity, a metal housing and a wide temperature range for continuous operation in industrial environment



Unmanaged switches allow connected devices to communicate with each other in their most basic form by using auto-negotiated ports to determine parameters, such as data rates. These products are easy to use and the most economical of the three variants.


No configuration and no assignment of an IP address are required for initial setup.

Main features:

  • Fast Ethernet and Gigabit ports
  • QoS (Quality of service) for optimized and secure network performance



The lite-managed switches combine the ease of use of an unmanaged switch with selected features of a managed switch. You can set the unmanaged or managed mode depending on your application requirements.


Configuration can be done via the web-based management. An intelligent wizard is available for setting up interfaces.

Additional features:

  • Redundancy mechanisms and filter functions to ensure network robustness
  • Multiple functions for network diagnostics
  • Dashboard for views of switch parameters
Lite Managed



Managed switches feature the most functions. They allow users to set any port on the switch to any setting and to manage, configure and monitor the network in many ways. They also provide greater control over how data is transmitted over the network and who can access that data.


Configuration can be done quickly and easily via the web-based management.

Additional features:

  • Auto-negotiation
  • Rate limiting
  • All functions like QoS freely configurable
  • Redundant ring for faster network recovery
  • Code redundancy for more secure back-ups
  • Efficient network monitoring and predictive maintenance


Camera Boxes

IP55 grade outdoor box including switch ensures dependable and uninterrupted operations even in harsh environments, making it an ideal networking solution for road, surveillance, water level or forest fire monitoring.


Configuration can be done quickly and easily via the web-based management.

Main features:

  • Full Managed Switch
  • 2 Hi-PoE RJ45 Ports
  • 6 PoE+ RJ45 Ports
  • 2 GBit SFP Ports
  • IP55 Graded
VISU Boxes


Lite-managed Ethernet Switch 4008GT 

Introducing our state-of-the-art Lite-managed Switch 4008GT: an innovative solution tailored for the discerning needs of small to medium-sized enterprises providing more possibilities of network personalization. Upgraded from an unmanaged switch with some essential features of a managed switch.  Designed to streamline network management, this cutting-edge switch combines simplicity with essential features keeping the configuration and management complexity to a minimum.

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