SALZ Automation at All About Automation-2023

SALZ Automation to present the automation solution and products at AllAbout Automation 2023 at Friedrichshafen.

Industrial Fairs are one of the most important interaction spaces for the entrepreneur world

Industrial fairs provide real power and leverage, especially for startups to capitalize on the opportunities. These fairs take them to the ground and before the market, which other marketing channels and events can rarely do. With the opportunity to build relationships with their prospects, partners, and customers, industrial fares provide startups with an authentic experience with other companies sharing the same values. 

This year, All About Automation came to pass Friedrichshafen at Bodensee on the 7th and 8th of March. SALZ Automation took part in the same and presented a variety of products and the latest SALZ Automation solution. The main piece of attraction was the new family of SALZ Automation products including Controllers, EtherCAT modules, and the software that was mounted on them. The young startup collected an appreciative sum of exhibitors and visitors at the Messe this year.