Industrial controllers from SALZ Automation are the smallest and the best Industrial PC hardware present in the Core i class. They are equipped with standard PCIe expansion modules and EtherCAT communication interfaces for flexible designing and arrangement according to the need and applications of the user.

Expansion options with EtherCAT I/Os and PCIe Modules

The SALZ Automation AMAX controllers has been specially developed for use in the industrial automation environment. In addition to the use of energy-efficient CPUs and the wide range of interfaces, the hardware stands out above all due to its compact design and the many expansion options.

The I/O modules communicate via EtherCAT technology in the high-performance backplane bus of the controller on the right side of the device. With this fast and established communication technology, the signals of the SALZ Automation I/O modules can be made available to many applications. Our portfolio includes digital, analog and infrastructure I/O modules. To transfer safety-critical data, EtherCAT utilizes the Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSOE) protocol extension.

Many interesting additional hardware components can be integrated via the built-in PCI Express interface on the left side of the device.

Link to EtherCAT I/O Modules

Link to PCIe Modules

This combination perfectly supports our claim to be able to realize flexible and adaptable automation systems.

The devices that serve as network interfaces and perform localized tasks.

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