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Innovative Solutions, Expertly Engineered: Automation, Embedded Development, and Beyond.

The Future of 

Embedded Systems in Industrial Automation


Embedded systems are revolutionizing industrial automation by seamlessly integrating IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology). They enable real-time data analysis and predictive maintenance, significantly boosting efficiency and productivity. For example, in a smart factory, connected machines use embedded systems to communicate and automatically make adjustments, minimizing downtime and saving energy. 

These advanced systems bridge the gap between IT and OT, offering flexibility and adaptability to respond quickly to production changes and individual customer demands. The future of industrial automation is shaped by these technological advancements, helping businesses stay innovative and competitive.

We are the partner who asks:

What do you need to do your job?

tailor-made automation solutions

  • Long-standing expertise in Automation and Functional Safety

  • In-depth expertise in Embedded Development 

  • Wide range of industrial Automation Products

Automation, Embedded Development, and Beyond.

SALZ Automation offers tailor-made automation solutions, supported by comprehensive expertise in automation, embedded development and a wide range of products. 

Our customised solutions include comprehensive services from planning to implementation (including control cabinet construction) and documentation, taking Functional Safety into account.

We value transparent, clear communication in our collaboration and have a flexible approach to the market.

We advise you from the initial idea to the finished automated system.

You determine the scope.

OUR COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES from planning to implementation and documentation

  • Creation of planning documents in the required formats (circuit diagrams, technical drawings, component lists, energy calculations, etc.)
  • Design, configuration, and programming of technical components (switches, regulators, controllers, ...)
  • Communication-side integration of the components into the customer's infrastructure (connection to MES / ERP, etc.)
  • Physical structure of the technical system (design of control cabinet, rack, etc.)
  • Commissioning and testing in the office and/or at the customer's premises (FAT / SIT, SAT, etc.)
  • CE documentation in accordance with the Machinery Directive, taking Functional Safety into account

Our Success Stories

We’ve successfully implemented industrial and building automation solutions at trusted customers. We loved working with these companies and helping them get the most out of their automation business. 

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