Two-Hand monitoring relay, 2 N/O


Safety relay for two-hand monitoring up to SIL3 and Type IIIC

Designed in Germany Produced in Germany

2 safe relay contacts, input per push button 1 N/O, 1 N/C, automatic start, Type IIIC, up to SIL 3 / Cat. 4, PL e, 24 V AC/DC, width: 22.5 mm

  • 2 N/O Safety Contacts
  • Two-Hand Push Buttons
  • SIL CL 3 (EN 62061 / IEC 61508)
  • Type IIIC (EN ISO 13851)

SKU/Order No.: SA-SAFE-TH-01-00

Additional Information

SAFE-TWO-HAND is a safety relay is for monitoring two-hand push buttons up to Type IIIC in accordance with EN ISO 13851 and SIL 3, Cat. 4, PL e in accordance with EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849, certified by TÜV Rheinland, input per push button 1 N/O and 1 N/C, automatic start, 2 safe relay contacts, nominal input voltage: 24 V AC/DC, max. switching capacity 250 V AC / 6 A, pluggable screw terminal blocks