4-ch DI EtherCAT Slice IO Power Input Module


Power Input, 4-ch Digital Input EtherCAT Slice IO Module, 24VDC, 4 ms


4 Input module, 100Mbps EtherCAT, Dual power Input, Removable push-in terminals, Diagnosis function.

  • Easy LED diagnostic
  • Dual Power Input
  • Pluggable Push-In terminal blocks

SKU/Order No.: SA-AMAX-5001

Additional Information

AMAX-5001 is a smart power input module. It supports dual power - external 24VDC power input, and a maximum 2A current to the EtherCAT bus to power the IO modules on the right side. AMAX-5001 has a smart diagnostic function to identify power errors on the external power supply and on the internal bus. Status on the process data is shown on the LED. AMAX-5001 is also equipped with 4-ch digital Input. The AMAX-5580 controller does not provide power to the right side EtherCAT bus, due to power independent purpose, AMAX-5001 must be the first module on the right side to provide independent power to the EtherCAT bus. In configuration with large number of IO modules, it is possible to use another AMAX-5001 to provide the extra 2A power to the EtherCAT bus. It supplies power to the modules following on the right side, and isolates them from the power on the left side.