We are challengers and push the limits of automation.

We know how complex automation with high demands on functional safety works. In our case, however, this does not lead to complex solutions. We make use of the possibilities of Industry 4.0 and translate them into customer-friendly products and systems that focus on the essentials and have high utility value.

Designed and TÜV-Certified in Germany

Hands-on solution provider for automated machines and systems

We ensure this by listening carefully, sharing knowledge, and collaborating openly. Because we are convinced: We can only  make a difference together. Anyone who works with us quickly notices what is deeply anchored in the German heart of our company: the pursuit of quality, safety, and sustainability that shapes every one of our decisions. You will experience this high standard in every facet of our product lines.

„We can only make a difference together.“

Thomas Hüttemeier

The founder of SALZ Automation, Thomas Hüttemeier, has over 25 years of experience in automation technology. He knows how the opportunities of Industry 4.0 can be used effectively and is familiar with all facets of functional safety.

Dr. Thomas Holm

The Co-Founder of SALZ Automation, Dr. Thomas Holm did his PhD in Automation engineering. He is an expert in the field of control systems and modern communication networks like TSN.

Realising dreams together

Our Three main Values

Three central values distinguish SALZ Automation from other market participants.

Our Mission

  • creating manageable solutions with
    high utility value

  • achieving more through
    open collaboration

  • convincing with standards from the
    German heart

International partner network

SALZ Automation, based in Germany and China, serves customers all over the world thanks to a constantly growing global network. All partners are selected according to strict standards in order to maintain the high safety, quality and sustainability standards for which the “SALZ” brand stands.

TÜV-Certified products

Precision in production and high-quality, TÜV-certified products are our top priorities. We do this using German-made and carefully selected modules from expert suppliers. In the end, you will only receive the product quality that we are fully convinced of.

Certificates Products

Please contact us for more information. We will be glad to tell you more about our products and to provide you with an individual offer.

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