SALZ Automation System

Automation without limits - it grows with your tasks

By cooperating with strategic partners who share our values and principles, we at SALZ Automation pursue a clear goal: to create the world's most open and flexible automation system that not only allows change, but actively supports it - for the future-oriented improvement of a wide range of applications in mechanical and plant engineering.

In doing so, we successfully combine established technologies from IT with the challenges of classic control technology. The result is a highly flexible control system that takes into account functional safety in accordance with IEC 61508. 




"We can't think ahead to all solutions for our customers, but we can create the basis for them to find a technical answer to all future challenges."

Dr. Thomas Holm, CTO SALZ Automation



Design of the SALZ Automation System


The SALZ Automation System is based on a manufacturer-independent computer architecture with an efficient CPU. This ensures that all software components are and will remain portable today and in the future. The operating system is a real-time Linux, which is adapted to the needs of automation technology. These adaptations include determinism and a small and therefore efficient footprint. 

The flexibility of the system is created by the combination of a high-performance data exchange through the use of Data Exchange Layer (DEL) technology and the application of virtualization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

The DEL technology uses mechanisms from the field of shared memory and OPC-UA. The two resulting data pools are constantly kept synchronized. This ensures data exchange between real-time and non-real-time applications.


Architecture of SALZ Automation System

Our Features - Your Benefits

  • Seamless integration of multi-runtime systems with massive message transfer with a delay of less as 5 ┬Ás.
  • Execution of many applications side by side on one device with user-controlled rights.
  • Deterministic and non-deterministic data exchange between application to storage using Data Exchange Layer (DEL) technology.
  • Safety logic (SIL3/PL e) can be created and executed in addition to the normal control logic to eliminate the need of additional safety hardware.
  • Marketplace connection (FLECS) to use multiple solutions to make a better system.
  • Easy access to deterministic and non-deterministic memory for simple and monitored data exchange between applications.
  • Easy and fast loading and residue-free removal of applications for fast system customization.
  • Allows the controller to be used in a cluster for more computational and storage power.

SALZ Hardware

The SALZ Automation controller hardware has been specially developed for use in the industrial automation environment. In addition to the use of energy-efficient CPU and the wide range of interfaces, the hardware stands out above all due to its compact design and the many expansion options. Thus, many interesting additional hardware components can be integrated via the built-in PCI Express interface (left side of the device). The I/O modules for reading and writing signals into the field communicate via EtherCAT technology in the backplane bus of the controller. With this fast and established technology, the signals of the SALZ Automation I/O modules can be made available to many applications.

The SALZ Automation Controller are complemented with the appropriate products to develop the right solution for your control cabinet. 

SALZ Software

Besides the compact and expandable hardware, software makes the difference. Flexibility and adaptability are the key factors in the development of the operating system. The applications developed according to the principles of the security-by-design paradigm enable the fast and efficient integration of new applications and the high-performance exchange of data between them. The basis for this is Data Exchange Layer (DEL) technology, which enables both real-time and non-real-time applications to exchange data and information. Thanks to the constant synchronization of the two memory areas, the real-time applications are not slowed down and can work at a high level of performance.


EtherCAT is Ethernet for Control Automation Technology - it is an Ethernet-based technology developed for industrial automation. EtherCAT works on the OSI layers (1&2) and uses a master-slave communication for transferring data in a daisy chain. EtherCAT offers a high distribution and thus the possibility to integrate many devices of different manufacturers into an automation system. To transfer safety-critical data, EtherCAT utilizes the Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSOE) protocol extension. This combination fits perfectly into the SALZ Automation Controller and at the same time supports the claim to be able to realize flexible and adaptable automation systems.

App Store

FLECS is a marketplace for automation-based applications. Our devices are integrated with the marketplace to let user install the applications that they want. This marketplace has easy to install and update application with a web interface. There are various specifically designed software for the hardware systems. These softwares can let anyone manage SCADA, PLC or HMI display even without Linux of ladder programming.  As it is an open-source application with Apache License 2.0, it can be merged with other applications as well. Flexibilty in terms of attached hardware and software interface makes it suitable for our devices.

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